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Our community lies on the River Dee, and has a population of around 17,500. People are proud of their industrial heritage and background, and embrace the changes which have occurred in recent years.

We are seeking to create a community network to make the most of our open spaces for everyone’s wellbeing.

We have many open spaces, of varying sizes, scattered throughout our community – all of them valued, some of them (like Wepre Park) nurtured for many years, whilst others are remain rather sparse and of less benefit than they probably could be.

We will use this opportunity to provide the means for people across our community to work together to make more of all our open spaces – for recreation, for wellbeing, for nature, for enjoyment. Some of these spaces are former industrial sites which have been rehabilitated, so we’ll also aim to use our network of open spaces to highlight our industrial history and heritage.  

We have consulted widely to find out what ideas people have, and how they’d like to see their spaces develop. It’s quite likely there’ll be appetite for doing a lot with some – others perhaps left much as they are, for the time being at least.

We’ll set about forming our Partnership to take our project forward, and make sure that people who have these open spaces ‘in their back yard’ have the chance to play an active continuing part in how their local open spaces are used.

Our project will increase people’s pride in their locality, be an opportunity for people to strengthen their community by working together, provide opportunity and motivation for people of all ages to be more active in the open air, provide opportunities for learning and volunteering, create improved habitats for wildlife – in total, contribute to the well-being of current and future generations.


Connah’s Quay, Flint - Cei Connah, Sir y Fflint


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