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A team of evaluation advisers from OB3 Ltd is on hand to provide bespoke evaluation support to groups for the Create your Space programme.

Over the last fifteen years we have provided evaluation, social research and advisory services to a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations. We have provided applicant and grant-holder support services on a number of Big Lottery Fund programmes including BIG Innovation in Wales and provided self-evaluation support to Big Lottery Fund grant holders in Wales between 2012-2015. We are very experienced at designing evaluation methodologies, undertaking qualitative and quantitative research to Government Social Research (GSR) standards, designing theories of change and logic models and providing technical advice on project and programme design, development and self-evaluation.

To find out more about us, visit our website:


We have now entered the Foundation Phase, where we will be offering additional support for monitoring and evaluation to that we provided in the Development Phase.

The key principles of course still apply and we will be supporting projects to self-evaluate.  


You will be able to use our time to discuss and receive advice on:


Below is a series of short, introductory documents on various evaluation topics relating to the Create your Space programme which we hope will be useful to all applicants as you develop your thinking during the Foundation Phase.

These modules are available for download by clicking the links below:

We want to be flexible in our approach and respond to your needs so if you have specific evaluation related topics which you would like to see covered in one of these modules, do get in touch and let us know by emailing: