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Our area comprises nine villages in the gentle hills to the west of Wrexham town, all formed to serve the mineral extraction industries of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, and most of them featuring in the most deprived 50% in Wales.

We’re trying to connect people with spaces that are on their doorsteps by using the theme of brownfield sites that can’t be developed for housing or commercial use.

These scruffy corners, former railway beds, former slag heaps and so on have long been informal play spaces but with a little love and investment they could be used by people from across the community for all manner of purposes - play, recreation, sport, leisure, music, fairs, allotments, parkland, walking, cycling, horse riding, etc.

Our aim is to stimulate residents’ ideas for the spaces, to help those ideas gather momentum, to help people develop the skills and ethos necessary to bring the spaces into sustainable use, and to support physical improvements to those spaces as part of residents plans such as pathway improvements, sculptures, interpretation signage etc..

Our project could help facilitate actual asset transfer but is just as likely to lead to management arrangements with landowners such as WCBC, farms and private owners. Our thinking comes from our experience with Brymbo Heritage Area - the former iron and steelworks that closed in 1990.

Our small group has dared to dream big, and step by step we’re inching our way towards a £5m restoration and regeneration scheme. We know that community effort - spurred on by a real sense of connection and ownership – can make things happen.


Brymbo, Wrexham - Brymbo, Wrecsam


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